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Admin Commands Empty Admin Commands

on Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:32 pm
Level 1
/aod, /goto, /spec[off], /warn, /setskin, /checkweapons, /asay, /alog, /[un]freeze
/ans, /bpf[a/r], /slap, /slay, /spawn, /respawnalluv, /jail, /qlog, /rlog

Level 2
/kick, [un]mute, /clearchat, /explode, /tempban, /arenas, /ticketlog, /getstats

Level 3
/ban, /giveweapon, /countdown, /healall, /sethp, /disarm, /ann[ounce]
/pingimmune, /get, /vadminpark, /getip

Level 4
/veh, /setint, /setworld, /rangeban, /[un]armyban, /circleall, /[un]copban
/jetpack, /giveallweapon, /destroyallav, /saveallstats, /[un]freeazeall, /givecash, /kickall

Level 5
/setexp, /unban, /oban, /gates, /[r]motd, /changename, /givecash, /getmfa, /viewpms
/gotopos, /doublexp, /bancheck, /destroyveh, /sethelper, /respawnallv, /togglemtp
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