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on Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:41 pm

Hello Everybody,I just want to inform all of the Admin stuff that i am giving you a test about what are your goals and motivation of being an admin. As your director, it is my duty to maintain the the server and the administration well. For those who are just chilling and abusing their admin power, you better stop it or you will risk to a  demotion or ban. I hope anybody pass the test and my tip to pass this test is just be professional and relax. I have some platform to make the administration fine, First I will only put 6 slots for admin level 6 And 5 slots for Admin level 5. so that the administration won't look be stupid..  So Good luck everybody.

These are the admins who are done taking the test


These are the admins  will no longer take the test

Best Regards:Gabrielle
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