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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

on Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:50 pm
Forum Rules

Do NOT post religious, political or controversial threads.
Do NOT spread racism, treat everyone equal irrespective of their religion, color or caste.
Do NOT spam, double post or make useless comments.
Do NOT bump a thread without waiting at least 24 hours, nor bump a thread older than 30 days.
Do NOT insult users or staff members.
Do NOT abuse the Private Message system.
Do NOT release warez, leaked content, illegal material, or vulgar media (includes all sorts of pictures & videos)
Do NOT create alternative or multiple forum accounts.
Do NOT abuse the tagging system.
Do NOT post links that benefit, this includes pay-per-click links, advert click-throughs and survey filling links. Use direct links instead.
Do NOT use large font sizes or larges images in a thread.
Do NOT advertise in any way (videos, pictures, IP addresses, URLs..)
Do NOT post pictures that are created to attack a user by featuring his/her real-life photo, will be taken down immediately.

Chat Box Rules

Do NOT post images with pixels larger than 300 x 300.
Do NOT spam the chatbox.
Do NOT post adult links, banners, or any other material that promotes vulgarity is prohibited. These forums are for the discussion of server, not sexual entertainment. If you want to discuss or observe that kind of thing, we suggest you look elsewhere.
Do NOT whine or complain about bans, refrain from discussing appeals & applications on the chatbox.

Additional Information
Some boards have their own particular rules. Please ensure you have read them.
You will be issued with a suspension if you break any of these rules.
Duration of the punishment, will depend upon the severity of your actions.
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