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How to Donate? Empty How to Donate?

on Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:27 am
Hello guys some of you are asking me how to donate to the server and now i will teach you how.

1st of all i only accept BTC(BITCOIN).

This the following step how to donate:

~You need to buy a bitcoin in (www.localbitcoins.com/coins.ph you can download coins.ph at your mobile)
~If you don't have a BTC wallet go to (www.blockchain.com)
~Ask me a private message to my bitcoin address
~Wait for my reply.
~Send the amount to the bitcoin address i sent you.
~Wait for 10 mins.
~And i will give the Confirmation Sign.
~And your done.

Your donation will be send on my BTC wallet I am 100% Sure.
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